How to manually add a phone, email or walk-in booking Follow

There are three ways to manually add a booking to your Diary.

  1. Click on the blue ADD NEW BOOKING button to use the booking widget to add a booking.
  2. Click on the desired time-slot on a specific date.
  3. Click on a scheduled service to add customer(s).

All bookings are instantly added to the diary; therefore there is no chance of a double booking.

1. Using the ADD NEW BOOKING button is the quickest and easiest way to add a booking.

2. When adding a booking to an unscheduled time-slot using the 'Diary', you will be presented with additional options. This option is best for returning customers as you can retrieve customer details from your CRM allowing you to quickly add a booking. The system will search your customer database after matching 3 or more letters in the contact fields.

The 'Regular Booking' tab is the default option and you must ensure that either a Staff and/or Resource is selected from the top first and then select the Service from below the customers details.

Use the Check Availability button to ensure there are no booking conflicts before adding the booking.

3. To add a customer to a scheduled service, click on the service for the date and time required to add a new booking.




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