How to accept bookings through Facebook Follow

There are two ways to accept online bookings through your Facebook page and we highly recommend that you do one or both of the following.



The Book Now button (Green):

This the most prominent way to get visitors on your Facebook business page to make a booking. Click on the blue button below your cover image to bring up the "edit button" options. Select the Book Now button and copy the URL only for your booking tool in the box provided.

To obtain the URL for your booking tool go to Online Bookings > Website Integration and copy the entire web address located between the " ", beginning with ""token=" as shown below. 




The Naked Bookings Facebook Application (Red):

Please note: You will need to be logged in to Facebook on an account that has administrative access to that business account.


Add the Naked Bookings Facebook app

  1. Login to your business’s Facebook page
  2. Click on Manage Page Permissions 
  3. Click to allow the install of the Facebook App
  4. Return to Naked Bookings and click on the  icon located in the Facebook integration section of the Online Bookings tab.

Change the name of the app

By default, the Naked Bookings app will show up as BOOK NOW, however, you can change this by following the steps below.

  1. Clicking on the Settings section of your Facebook business page

 2. Select the Apps tab

 3. Edit settings under the Naked Bookings app

 4. Update the button's name in the Custom Tab Name field


 5. Click Save and then OK




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